H How to Consign Your Dress

Consignment Basics....

Selling your wedding dress through Blue Sky Bridal is a simple and safe way to share it with another bride.

You can schedule an appointment to drop-off your wedding dress online (button at left), or email us at consign@blueskybridal.com, or call us at (206) 783-8700 in Seattle or (503) 624-1462 in Portland.

Consignment appointments usually take about 10 minutes--we inspect your dress, discuss pricing, and fill out a short contract. After that, you're done, and we do all of the work involved in selling your wedding dress to another happy bride.

When your wedding gown is sold, we mail you a check at the end of the month. If we are unable to find another home for your dress after the agreed upon time (usually 1-6 months), you can come back and pick it up, or we can donate it for you.

General criteria for consignment:

  • dry cleaned (unless new with tags) and in ready-to-wear condition
  • less than 3 years old
  • size 0 to size 24
  • white, ivory, champagne or a very pale color (please, no non-removable color accents)
At this time we are also not able to take most "inspired" or "custom" (e.g. Light in the Box, etc.), most David's Bridal label gowns, or many gowns hemmed under 5'2".

Please understand that bridal style is quite fickle, and a gown might meet the above criteria yet not be one that we think we'll be able to sell.

We strongly advise sending us a photo before your appointment, we'd be happy to give you information specific to your gown, and save you a trip in case your gown is not one we would be able to take. (Please note that no pricing is final until the gown has been physically inspected in our shop.)  Email us a photo at consign@blueskybridal.com

Pricing and Payments

Selling your wedding dress is an act of generosity to another bride, eases the burden on our environment, frees up closet space, and is just good karma all around. Consignment is not a way to "make" money.

Once-worn and sample wedding gowns are usually priced at around 50% of their new retail. New, current wedding gowns in perfect condition are priced at higher percentages. The amount that you receive for the gown is half of the agreed upon base price.*

Age, size, condition, and style are all factored into the price of each gown, and we offer you honest advice on how much your dress is likely to sell for. It is very important to us to ensure a fair price for both the buyer and the seller.

Checks are automatically mailed to consignors before the 10th day of the month following the sale.

Pick-ups and Donations

While we're fortunate to find homes for most of the gowns left in our care, some just don't want to leave. If we reach the end of the contract, and we haven't found a new home for a gown, we'll arrange a time for you to pick it up. Or, if you prefer, we can donate the gown for you** and mail you a tax receipt.***

That's pretty much it. We're here to get your dress another home. We'll take good care of it and work our tails off to find it another wedding. Our goal is to get every wedding dress worn more than once, and if even if you don't think consignment is for you, we'd strongly encourage you to try to sell your dress yourself or donate it to charity.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the consignment process, please ask!


* We add or subtract small amounts on the actual sale price to cover credit card fees, garment bags, repairs, or special discounts. The actual percentage the consignor receives of the final, actual sale price of the gown varies from 60% to 43%. To simplify life, we work from the "base price" on the contract so you always know exactly how much to expect, and so we can get checks out rapidly at the end of the month.

** We are currently donating gowns and veils to Brides for a Cause and St. Vincent de Paul Society of Seattle | King County.  If you wish to donate your gown to a different organization, you will need to pick up the gown up and send it individually.

*** We are not qualified to provide tax advice, and non-profit organizations are not legally allowed to assign a value to "in kind" (non-monetary) donations. We strongly recommend that you speak to a lawyer or tax professional before donating your gown if you have any questions.