A About Blue Sky Bridal


Blue Sky Bridal strives to unite gorgeous, eco-friendly wedding gowns with happy, planet-conscious brides while keeping as many wedding dollars in the local community as possible. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that weddings are about love and celebration, not stress.

Who We Are

Currently (wo)manning the boutique: Giselle, Kat, Kendra, Allie, Elise, and Charissa.

Between the 7 of us, in no particular order, there is/are...

1 vegetarian, 2 pescatarians, 1 sometimes vegan, 4 native Washingtonians, 2 daughters, 5 brothers, 5 sisters, 1 fiancé, 2 husbands, 10 bridesmaid dresses, 2 environmentalists, 1 burlesque dancer, 2 fashion designers, 7 feminists, 1 aspiring interior designers, 1 speaker of American Sign Language, 1 speaker of Chinese, 4 dogs, 1 graduate degree, 4 bachelor degrees, 1 juggler, 1 aerialist, over 20 countries visited, and more wedding dresses than we're going to admit.

Where Our Dresses Come From

All of our gowns are on consignment and available off the rack, which is a fancy way of saying that they're on loan to us from Seattle-area women who'd like to share them with another bride. We don't own them, we try to match them up with the right person (kind of like a realtors, but for dresses).

Women part with their wedding gowns for hundreds of different reasons, but a huge percentage of our consignors are either pregnant or just had a baby. What we hear from these women is that they want more space, they have baby expenses to cover, they're feeling "over" the wedding phase, and/or they won't have a daughter.


Jen started Blue Sky Bridal in 2007 with the goal of finding a pre-owned dress for her own wedding. For a combination of planetary, ethical, and financial reasons, she tries to only purchase clothing that is pre-owned, organic, fair trade, or made in countries with strong labor and environmental protections. She wanted a wedding dress in keeping with her values, and she didn't have a big enough budget for a new dress that made the cut.

Jen also figured while she was looking, it wouldn’t be much more work to help match other eco-conscious brides with newlyweds selling dresses. (Okay, and frankly she's a little lazy, so getting people to bring dresses TO her was a heck of a lot easier than driving all over Washington State to see them at home.)

Jen did eventually find her perfect dress, had a lovely wedding, and passed the dress on to yet another bride. By the time she was done, she was having so much fun helping others find their dresses that she forgot to stop.