A About Blue Sky Bridal


Blue Sky Bridal strives to unite gorgeous, eco-friendly wedding gowns with happy, planet-conscious brides while keeping as many wedding dollars in the local community as possible. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that weddings are about love and celebration, not stress.

Who We Are

Currently (wo)manning the Seattle boutique: Giselle, Kendra, Allie, Elise, Cass, and Andra.

Currently (wo)manning the Portland boutique: Shannon, Tilly & Jen.

Where Our Dresses Come From

We specialize in offering new, samples and once-worn gowns. We work with bridal stores and designers around the country to consign their samples or purchase them outright to pass the savings onto our brides, as most are marked down about 50% off retail. We also consign wedding gowns for individuals, who are looking to recoup some of their wedding costs and to share their dress with another bride. Dresses on consignment for individuals and stores are not owned by us, but we try to match them up with the right bride. All of our dresses are available "off the rack," meaning you get to take your dress home that day!

We've been consigning wedding dresses since 2007. Women part with their wedding gowns for hundreds of different reasons. Whatever that reason is, we're here to help you resell your wedding dress! Consigning your wedding dress is a safe and easy way to recoup some of your wedding costs and to allow another bride to wear it!


Blue Sky Bridal was started in Seattle in 2007 with the goal of uniting gorgeous wedding gowns with eco-conscious brides. Every dress placed on consignment that gets to walk down the aisle a second time, is one less dress that has to be manufactured, which helps the environment. Our store got its named "blue sky" from associating blue sky with clean, fresh air while traveling overseas.

Blue Sky Bridal has been the leading bridal consignment store in Seattle for the past 10 years. In June 2017, we opened a second location in Portland to offer bridal consignment services to Portland brides and to offer another place for brides to buy unique, discounted dresses "off the rack!"